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We have officially moved to VA!

Hey everyone! I have been on hiatus because we have finally arrived in VA and have officially gotten all unpacked. We are so excited for this new adventure to begin. Today I’m going to share my thoughts on the Uhaul Ubox (this is entirely my own opinion, they did not ask me to review them or post anything about Uhual or the Ubox).  First of all, for us, this was the most economical way for our family to move. I received quotes for a moving company, Pods, Ubox and Uhaul moving truck and the Ubox was the cheapest at just below $1400 for a cross country move. Below are some pictures of the Ubox so that you all can see the inside and outside.

The Ubox came with 30 moving blankets as well. For us this was way too much blankets, but we didn’t have a lot of breakable items.  The size was fine, but we did have to leave some things behind that just did not fit. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and did not bring any furniture except for a single door refrigerator and an Ikea Trofast storage center (the one that looks like stairs). We did bring my DH wheels though, in the picture above there is one, we brought 4, so they took up a lot of space, but I would think equivalent to one bed or a couch. With the price and size in mind, I think a Pod would be a better pick, since it is about 2 feet bigger than the Ubox I think we wouldn’t have had to leave our items behind. The only downfall with the Pod was that it needed to be dropped off and then picked up by the Pods company and since we lived in an apartment, there just wasn’t a place to put the Pod, so sadly we couldn’t have used that service, though I would have preferred it.

If you are thinking of moving or looking for a storage unit, overall the Ubox was a great option and I am very satisfied with the quality, service and price from Uhaul.

Hope you all drop by again, I have some transformation photos to show you of our kids shared bedroom makeover! I can not wait to share!

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Happy Things #2

Hello everyone, I have been stalking Target again and found some new beautiful things! This time I found so much stuff: page flags, sticky notes, stickers and binder clips. Just finding these things is awesome, but the colors of this new theme is just too cute! It seems that  some things were geared towards summer and other things towards college life/academics, both equally bright and happy! So here’s all that I found.

Planner things I found at Target


And here are some close ups of some of the items.

And the only stickers I could find to match.

Clear stickers
Clear stickers

Oh Target, why do you do this to me! I bet they have made so much money since they started to appeal to the planner community more. I know that I have given them PLENTY of my dollars for all my Happy Things. Anyone else stalk Target? Oh, maybe it’s just me. LOL. If you ever see a girl lurking in Bullseyes’ Playground with a Starbucks in her hand, it just might be me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Things!

I was on a routine Target stalk and I spotted a few things that made me happy. I’m sorry what did you say? OHHH, well of course I am going to share them with you! First, I found LOTS of new washi tape with a patriotic theme, but some of them could be used for Christmas, baby, Valentines, summer or any kid related theme really.

Patriotic themed washi tape from Target Bullseye’s Playground area.

Don’t you just love washi!? I DO! The other happy thing I found were some cute tags. I like to use tags in project life layouts, scrapbooking and in my planner monthly themes as well. In my planner I just tie them to the ring and use it as a reminder card or sometimes I just leave it blank and use just to look pretty. If I don’t like the way it looks on the ring then I just add a paperclip or mini binder clip and tie it on TA-DA beautiful! So without further ado here are the tags.

Patriotic Tags
Patriotic tags from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground

This picture came out way to flashy and blurry, but it is the only one I had and I really wanted to share it with yall.

Sadly, I did not buy any of what I found even though I really wanted to. As you know we are in the middle of moving and I already packed up all my other happy things and I didn’t want these to get lost in some “other” box and never be found again. Did I mention I hate packing!

Well, that’s it for my happy finds. Let me know what you liked best, the washi or the tags?

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Making Big Changes In Our Lives

Our family has made a major decision, and I wanted to start this blog as a record of it. We currently reside in the Los Angeles area and this summer we will be relocating to the Washington, DC area. A huge move for us, especially with two young kiddos. Currently my life is full of boxes, ones that are coming with us and others for yard sale, donation and trash.

As I am going room to room I can not help to think about how much of these items are going to end up in the trash! It saddens me to see our house was filled with so much stuff that now is in the dumpster. We have been packing one or two boxes a week and at first I used a non brand packaging tape that started to peel off! So if you don’t want that happening to you try the following tape.

If you are looking for more moving tips, or hacks check out my “Lets Move” Pinterest board:


I also created a Moving Budget Worksheet printable that I am currently using to keep our funds in check. I hope you will be able to use it as well!

Free Moving Budget Printable

Moving Budget Worksheet

Happy moving and thanks or stopping by!


First blog post EVER!

Wow, so I am joining the blogging community. I have wrestled with this for a couple of years, but I have finally took the plunge. I am just going to dive in and try my best to make this something that someone, anyone will enjoy to read, or just sift through. I have a few blogs that I, myself frequent, but part of this journey includes reading and following more blogs loyally. It is going to be difficult, fun, exciting, messy but an adventure that I just can’t wait for! Come along with me and lets have an adventure together!