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Happy Things!

I was on a routine Target stalk and I spotted a few things that made me happy. I’m sorry what did you say? OHHH, well of course I am going to share them with you! First, I found LOTS of new washi tape with a patriotic theme, but some of them could be used for Christmas, baby, Valentines, summer or any kid related theme really.

Patriotic themed washi tape from Target Bullseye’s Playground area.

Don’t you just love washi!? I DO! The other happy thing I found were some cute tags. I like to use tags in project life layouts, scrapbooking and in my planner monthly themes as well. In my planner I just tie them to the ring and use it as a reminder card or sometimes I just leave it blank and use just to look pretty. If I don’t like the way it looks on the ring then I just add a paperclip or mini binder clip and tie it on TA-DA beautiful! So without further ado here are the tags.

Patriotic Tags
Patriotic tags from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground

This picture came out way to flashy and blurry, but it is the only one I had and I really wanted to share it with yall.

Sadly, I did not buy any of what I found even though I really wanted to. As you know we are in the middle of moving and I already packed up all my other happy things and I didn’t want these to get lost in some “other” box and never be found again. Did I mention I hate packing!

Well, that’s it for my happy finds. Let me know what you liked best, the washi or the tags?


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