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Happy Things #2

Hello everyone, I have been stalking Target again and found some new beautiful things! This time I found so much stuff: page flags, sticky notes, stickers and binder clips. Just finding these things is awesome, but the colors of this new theme is just too cute! It seems that  some things were geared towards summer and other things towards college life/academics, both equally bright and happy! So here’s all that I found.

Planner things I found at Target


And here are some close ups of some of the items.

And the only stickers I could find to match.

Clear stickers
Clear stickers

Oh Target, why do you do this to me! I bet they have made so much money since they started to appeal to the planner community more. I know that I have given them PLENTY of my dollars for all my Happy Things. Anyone else stalk Target? Oh, maybe it’s just me. LOL. If you ever see a girl lurking in Bullseyes’ Playground with a Starbucks in her hand, it just might be me!

Thanks for stopping by!


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