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Making Big Changes In Our Lives

Our family has made a major decision, and I wanted to start this blog as a record of it. We currently reside in the Los Angeles area and this summer we will be relocating to the Washington, DC area. A huge move for us, especially with two young kiddos. Currently my life is full of boxes, ones that are coming with us and others for yard sale, donation and trash.

As I am going room to room I can not help to think about how much of these items are going to end up in the trash! It saddens me to see our house was filled with so much stuff that now is in the dumpster. We have been packing one or two boxes a week and at first I used a non brand packaging tape that started to peel off! So if you don’t want that happening to you try┬áthe following tape.

If you are looking for more moving tips, or hacks check out my “Lets Move” Pinterest board:

I also created a Moving Budget Worksheet printable that I am currently using to keep our funds in check. I hope you will be able to use it as well!

Free Moving Budget Printable

Moving Budget Worksheet

Happy moving and thanks or stopping by!